Three Creative Uses for Your Garage

Three Creative Uses for Your Garage

What do you use your garage for? Is it simply a place to park your vehicle? While that’s certainly a valid use for your garage, have you been thinking of utilizing the space for something different? If you’re tight on space in your home or backyard, there are actually many ways you can expand your square footage by utilizing your garage for something more than just parking a car. Not sure what to do with your garage? Keep reading for three ways to utilize the space!

  1. Enjoy it as an outdoor living area
  2. Is your backyard too small or wide open for nosy neighbors to spy on you? If that’s the case, you can consider using your garage as an outdoor living area. Seriously, if you install a screen in your garage, it has all the components you need! It provides shade from the hot summer sun and shelter if there’s bad weather, while still giving you the feel of the outdoors.                                                  
  3. Create a hangout den for your teenager or spouse
  4. Are your teenagers looking for a bit of privacy when hanging out with their friends? How about weatherizing your garage and turning it into a den for them to hang out in? You can put down some indoor outdoor area rugs, throw a couch and some chairs in there, and hang a TV on the wall!   The same is true for creating a man cave for your husband and his buddies to watch the game in. Installing a fridge makes it even more appealing since they won’t have to come inside to grab drinks!  
  5. Utilize it as a workout area or yoga studio
  6. If you’re sick and tired of paying a costly fee to go to the gym or yoga class, why not convert your garage into a workout area or yoga studio? You can get some rubberized flooring installed and go from there!  

Let Carroll Garage Doors keep your garage door in good working order to protect your new hangout space!

If you are planning to utilize your garage as something other than a place to park your car there are a few steps you should take to protect your investment. The first is to ensure that it is properly weatherproofed and secure. The second is to ensure that your garage door works properly. If you are having issues with your garage door, contact Carroll Garage Doors for assistance with repairs. Additionally, if you want to boost the security of your new and improved garage, Carroll Garage Doors can help by installing a new, secure garage door. Give us a call at 1-888-578-2360 to learn more!

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