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Unique Garage DoorAre you looking for the personality and flair of a custom garage door without the high price tag? Unique Garage Doors’ line of high-quality, stylish garage doors may be just what you’re looking for. Unique Garage Doors are available in double and single wide sizes with short or long panel designs. With over 49 different designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect garage door for your home.

Quality Construction

Unique Garage Doors are made right here in America using premium materials and processes. The 2-inch-thick steel doors on their Deluxe Polyback models are 5 times thicker than the industry standard, giving Unique Garage Doors improved protection against rips and other signs of wear and tear that affect lower quality doors. In the Premium Steelback models, two solid steel, pre-painted panels cradle a core of environmentally safe polystyrene insulation to provide improved thermal efficiency, which helps reduce temperature fluctuations inside your garage. All Unique Garage Doors feature two coats of baked-on paint so that you never have to worry about repainting your doors.

Safer, Longer-Lasting Hardware

Unique Garage Doors offer improved safety over other brands because Unique uses a flat hinge system to reduce the likelihood of trapping fingers or clothing in the door section joints. High-quality hinges, rollers, roller carriers, and tracks ensure that your doors open smoothly and silently, and Unique’s galvanized garage door springs provide 50 percent more life than the average springs used in the industry.

Brilliant Design

Unique Garage Doors is always looking to improve their door designs and add new window and door panel styles to their collection. If curb appeal is important to you, you obviously need your garage door panel design to be visible from a distance. Unique’s patent-pending raised shadow line design gives unparalleled crispness and visual distinction to beveled edges on panel designs, while at the same time serving the practical function of eliminating oil canning and the associated splits and cracks. Unique’s Lexington Raised Panel doors feature this technology, with 3/8-inch deep bevels that are actually the deepest available in the industry.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Unique Garage Doors stands behind the quality of their products, and all Unique doors come with a limited lifetime warranty. All you have to do to benefit from the warranty protections is make sure you get quality door installation and maintenance in accordance with the requirements of the warranty.

Posted on June 18, 2013
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