Why You Need Professional Garage Door Repair in Simi Valley

Garage door repair in Simi Valley

Make sure repairs get done quickly, correctly, and safely by calling Carroll Garage Doors

Many garage door problems are possible to repair on your own, but it may not necessarily be a good idea to do so. Here are the top 5 reasons you need professional garage door repair in Simi Valley.

You Need to Be Sure You Know What the Problem Is

It may not always be clear what specific part or parts is causing your garage door problem. For example, a squeaky door may be caused by something as simple as a lack of lubrication or something more difficult to resolve such as a warped opener track. Obviously you wouldn’t want to replace the whole opener track when a little bit of oil would have fixed the problem just fine. By calling Carroll Garage Doors for professional garage door repair in Simi Valley, you can get a true expert to diagnose your garage door problem and recommend the correct solution.

You Need the Right Parts

When buying some replacement parts, such as garage door springs, you need to check three different measurements to make sure they will fit. Don’t risk buying the wrong parts! At Carroll Garage Doors, we can find the correct parts for your specific make and model of garage door and garage door opener quickly and easily. You can count on us to source quality parts for your repair that will deliver lasting performance.

Some Repairs Are Dangerous

Even when broken, a garage door spring remains under tremendous pressure and you could easily be injured when attempting to unwind and remove the spring. You also risk part of the spring shooting off and damaging your property. You’re much better offer calling a fully trained professional who can complete your garage door repair in Simi Valley safely.

Garage Doors Must Be Recalibrated

Often, making a garage door repair is more complicated than simply replacing a part. Depending on what part you’ve replaced, you may need to recalibrate the system to ensure the door hangs correctly, raises and lowers evenly, and reverses appropriately when the safety mechanism is triggered. Obviously a professional will do this for you as a matter of course when you request garage door repair in Simi Valley.

A Mistake Could Cost More Later!

Often, people like to make their own garage door repairs because they think it will save them money. While you may save the cost of a service visit upfront, if you make a mistake during the repair you could end up having to call in the pros anyway. Plus, after a DIY mistake, you could be looking at more damage to your door and a higher repair cost. Don’t risk it! Instead call Carroll Garage Doors from the outset.

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