Four Reasons Why Your Garage Door Might Not Open or Close Properly  

Four Reasons Why Your Garage Door Might Not Open or Close Properly  

When your garage door won’t open, it’s more than just frustrating. In fact, it can actually be extremely dangerous. A stuck garage door either means your car is stuck inside or outside and neither is a great situation. That is why it’s important to quickly take action and contact an experienced garage door repair company like Carroll Garage Doors!  We will work quickly and safely to restore your garage door to fine working order. Or, if you’d like, we can help you select a new custom garage door to replace to old broken one.

Keep reading for 4 reasons why your garage door might not be opening and closing properly, and then call Carroll Garage Doors for assistance!

  1. The track might not be properly aligned
  2. When the track your garage door slides on is not properly aligned, the door will not open or close properly. In some cases, this creates an extremely dangerous situation that should be addressed immediately.

  3. Something is triggering the safety mechanism   
  4. Another reason your garage door may not shut is due to something being in the way. Your safety mechanisms are in place to prevent the garage door from fully closing if something is underneath it, so check to ensure there is nothing blocking the path of your garage door before calling in the professionals at Carroll Garage Doors.

  5. Dead batteries in your transmitter  
  6. One of the most obvious—and simplest—reasons your garage door might not open or close is due to dead batteries in your transponder. If your garage door isn’t working, it’s best to check the transponder batteries first to ensure it’s not a simple fix.

  7. Other transmitter Issues
  8. Aside from dead batteries, there can be other issues with your transponder that might hinder your garage door’s functionality. There could be issues with the antenna not receiving signals or other issues that a trained garage door repair specialist will need to address.

    If your garage door will not close, contact Carroll Garage Doors today for assistance!

    If you need help with your broken garage door, contact Carroll Garage Doors today! Since 1995, we’ve been working to provide quality garage door repair services. Whether it’s a simple battery swap out, more advanced transmitter issues, a track out of alignment or something else entirely, our experienced and skilled team will work quickly to get your garage door safely operating again. With 25 years of experience, you can trust us to get the job done in a quality, timely, and affordable manner. Contact us today at 1-888-578-2360 to request service today!

Thinking about getting a new garage door instead of fixing the old one? Check out our stunning and diverse custom garage doors at Carroll Garage Doors!

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