How to Fix 5 Common Garage Door Problems

Fix Common Garage DoorWe’ve all been there. You go to open your garage door and the thing won’t move, or you press the button to close the door only to see it bounce right back up. Fortunately, with a little effort most garage door issues can be resolved without requiring the help of a technician. Here are five of the most common garage door problems and tips for troubleshooting each.

Sticks Open or Closed

A garage door that sticks in the open or closed position may happen for a few different, minor reasons. Firstly, check the opener to make sure the batteries are charged. Also be sure to check the garage door sensors to make sure nothing is obstructing them. If your garage door is manual, make sure nothing is blocking the wheel track. If the door still sticks after the batteries have been replaced, you may need a new garage door opener.

Bounces Back

If your garage door opens right back up after you try to close it, there is usually an obstruction in or around the photo sensor. Check to make sure the sensors are clear of any impediments and remove any dirt or obstacles where necessary.

Persistent Screeching

Loud noises and screeching associated with opening and closing your garage door are usually signs that something is either obstructing the track or the track’s lubrication is wearing off. First, check to ensure there is no buildup of debris in the track. Clean where necessary using a mild soap to get rid of any accumulated dirt. Next, use a spray-on garage door lubricant to coat the tracks and hardware. If the door still squeaks, you may need professional service and repair.

Residue and Rust

Regularly cleaning your garage door can go a long way toward preserving its function and appearance. Over time, you may notice a black residue on the outside of your garage door. This is usually from oil and should be washed. Alternatively, you might notice a buildup of rust on the bottom of the door. To avoid this, clean your garage door with water and soap once a year.

Door Jerks Opens Unevenly

A jerking door or one that falls too quickly can pose a serious safety hazard. Sometimes, this is caused by something as simple as dirt in the track. However, if you’re sure the track is clean, you may have a more serious problem that is best left to the professionals. Jerking doors can be due to motor problems while a falling door may be the result of a broken or frayed cable. If you suspect this is the case with your garage door, don’t hesitate to contact Carroll Garage Doors for any service and repair needs.

Posted on June 2, 2014
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