Do You Need a New Garage Door? Here Are the Signs to Look For:

Do You Need a New Garage Door? Here Are the Signs to Look For:

Your garage door is a big element of your home and while they can be costly, sometimes all signs point to the fact that you need a new one. Here are four signs that you might need a new garage door:

  1. Your garage door is much louder than usual
  2. Garage doors aren’t silent, but they shouldn’t be excessively loud. If your garage door starts making more noise than usual, it’s a sign that you should have it looked at. Any grinding, shrieking, crunching, or banging noise is not good. You could simply need an easy part swap, but it could also be a sign of a larger issue.

  3. Your garage door is not opening as quickly as it did in the past
  4. If your garage door is opening slower than usual, it could be another sign that you need a new garage door. Your battery could just be low or you might need a simple repair, but it could be a sign that you need a new garage door if there are larger issues at play.

  5. Your garage door is detracting from the appearance of your home
  6. Let’s face it, an unsightly garage door can really ruin the appearance of your home. Sometimes it can be saved with a fresh coat of paint, but more than likely, you are going to need a new garage door entirely. Thankfully, Carroll Garage Doors offers custom garage doors so you can find the perfect garage door for your home no matter what your style preferences are.

  7. There are obvious safety issues with your garage door
  8. There are safety mechanisms incorporated in garage door designs for a reason. If your garage door just slams shut instead of slowly closing, you should have it looked at right away. The same can be said if your garage door does not close all the way or fails to reverse when the safety sensor is triggered. Garage doors can cause serious injuries so if you have an issue with your garage door, it might be time to consider getting a new custom one.

If you need a garage door repair or a new custom garage door, contact Carroll Garage Doors today!

If your garage door is on its last leg or you simply want a new custom garage door to elevate the appearance and safety of your home, contact Carroll Garage Doors! We have over 25 years of experience when it comes to building and installing custom garage doors. We have sizes, styles, colors, and designs that will fit any home’s exterior. Our experienced team can either repair or replace your faulty garage door, so give us a call today at 1-888-578-2360 !

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