How to Choose a Garage Door

How to Choose a Garage Door

Many people have never purchased a garage door before. Perhaps you purchased a home that already came with a garage door in good condition, but now it’s showing major signs of wear-and-tear. Or maybe you’re purchasing a brand new home and you need to select which kind of garage door you’d like to have. No matter what your situation may be, picking a garage door can feel like a rather overwhelming process. There are so many options to choose from!

Work with Southern California’s garage door experts throughout the selection process, and we’ll do our best to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. Garage doors are our specialty, and we’re always happy to provide guidance to make the whole process of choosing one as simple as possible.

Choosing your garage door material

There are various garage door materials, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most garage doors are made of vinyl, aluminum, wood, or steel. Depending on your lifestyle, the amount of upkeep you’re willing to deal with, and your style preferences, we’ll gladly help you decide which garage door material is best for your home.

Choosing your garage door style

Interested in boosting the value of your home? Choose a garage door style that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. Carriage house, traditional, and contemporary styles offer various looks that will enhance the beauty and appeal of the exterior of your home. Not sure which style would look best with your specific home? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-578-2360 for expert advice for all your garage door decisions.

Choosing a garage door design

At Carroll Garage Doors, we have thousands of garage door designs for you to choose from. Find one that compliments the architecture of your home and accentuate your home’s character. Plenty of standard and custom designs are available. The only tricky part will be just picking one!

Choosing a garage door color

Your color options are basically limitless! There are plenty of colors and textures to choose from to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home. Choose a color for your garage door and you’ll be just about done with the garage door selection process.

Choosing your garage door features

Are energy efficiency and quiet operation important to you? Garage doors are available with single, double, or triple layer construction options. Your garage door will open and close without barely making a peep when you invest in a highly insulated garage door from Carroll Garage Doors. Plus you’ll save money on your utility bills each month as your garage door prevents warm and cool energy from leaking out of your home.

Call Carroll Garage Doors at 1-888-578-2360

We’re always happy to answer your questions and provide you with personalized advice throughout your garage door selection process. Give us a call at 1-888-578-2360 and we’ll make an appointment to come to your home to evaluate your current garage door, discuss your garage door options with you, and provide you with a custom estimate.

Posted on June 2, 2017
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