Broken Garage Door? Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to DIY

Broken Garage Door? Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to DIY The DIY (Do It Yourself) movement has taken the US by storm in the past decade or so. It seems like everyone is crocheting their own scarf, preparing their own taxes, baking their own artisanal breads, and … attempting to do their own home repairs. The former tasks are all splendid, with very little risk of disaster, but the last one— not so much. Before you consider trying to repair your garage door by yourself, consider these horrible potential consequences.


Okay, this is the big one. There’s a very real possibility of electrocuting yourself if you fumble around with your garage’s electrical cords without properly knowing which ones do what. Most people don’t have adequate safety equipment and tools to ensure accidents don’t happen or if they do, won’t cause a major emergency. Don’t put your health at risk—it’s not worth it.

Extreme boredom

If you decide to repair your garage door or opener by yourself, you’ll have to dig out the owner’s manual. This puts you at risk of extreme boredom. Have you seen a garage door owner manual? It’s long and the font is tiny. No need to take out your reading classes and squint at your owners manual for hours on end, with no solution to your problem in sight. Save yourself the time and hassle—and save your sanity—by just placing a quick call with Carroll Garage Doors. Our friendly, experienced technicians will diagnose and fix the problem fast so you’ll be up and running normally in no time.

Time better spent enjoying life

Why drag out your ladder and attempt to fix your garage door on your own, when you could be out playing with your kids, reading an amazing new book, or improving your health at the gym? There are so many more fun and interesting things you could be doing instead of spending hours attempting to fix your garage door. It’ll take the experts at Carroll Garage Doors so much less time to fix your door because they know all the ins-and-outs of how they work.

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