4 Tips to Improve the Security of Your Garage

4 Tips to Improve the Security of Your Garage

If you are looking to keep your home safe and secure, it’s important to keep your garage safe and secure. Most interior garage doors are left unlocked, meaning someone that gets access to your garage, can then gain access to your home. Here is a list of four ways to improve the security of your garage:

  1. Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Open    
  2. Another tip is to not leave your garage door open. When people retire for the night or leave for work they typically close the garage door, but that is not enough. Consider closing the garage door even if you’re in the backyard working so people cannot view what’s stored in there. You should also close it as soon as you get home so no one can gain entry into your home.

  3. Invest in Frosted Windows or Blinds
  4. No one knows what is in your garage unless they can see in it. You might have thousands of dollars of tools or sports bikes in your garage or you might have boxes of old holiday decorations. Burglars typically don’t take a risk without knowing there will be a hefty return so consider installing curtains or frosted glass in your garage so they cannot look inside.

  5. Don’t Keep a Garage Door Opener in your Car
  6. Garages are meant to house cars, but not everyone has room in their garage to park. In fact, some garages in older homes can’t even fit larger vehicles like pickup trucks with extended beds. One mistake that homeowners make is leaving a garage door opener in their vehicle. All a burglar needs to do is gain access to your car to then gain access to your home! Instead, try placing your garage door opener in a purse or briefcase to avoid this.

  7.  Purchase a Garage Door Made of a Sturdy
  8. Let’s face it, some garage doors are more secure than others. Wooden and steel garage doors are the most secure and newer garage doors are more secure than older models. If you have an older garage door or one that is warped or damaged in any way, you should have a new one installed right away to keep your home safe and secure.

Carroll Garage Doors Can Install a New, Secure Garage Door for You!

If you are looking to truly secure your home, a new garage door can make a big difference. Thankfully, Carroll Garage Doors sells and installs custom garage doors that not only make your home look better, but also improve the overall security. We offer garage doors made out of wood and metal that will stand up to any attempts to break in. If you’re interested in requesting a new garage door install, call us today at 1-888-578-2360 to request a quote or appointment!

To learn more about the garage door services that we provide, visit us on the web at Carroll Garage Door.



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