4 Reasons to Purchase a New Garage Door Opener This Summer

4 Reasons to Purchase a New Garage Door Opener This Summer

A garage door opener is something you don’t even think about during your normal day to day routine. That is, as long as it’s working properly. Once there is an issue with it, chances are you can’t stop thinking about it. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new garage door opener, you might be fearful of the cost, but there are actually many benefits that come with it.

Keep reading to learn a bit more about the benefits that come with buying a new garage door opener:

  1. Reduced Noise
  2. The most common benefit that people report is quieter operation. Typically, anytime the garage door opens the whole house is alerted, but with a newer garage door opener that won’t be the case. Someone leaving early or getting in late won’t wake the whole house and that in itself is almost worth the cost of replacing it!

  3. Technology Advancements
  4. Like everything else in our lives, new models come with advanced technology. The new model of your car or phone almost always has features that the previous model didn’t and that is also true for garage doors. In fact, some new garage door openers actually have Wi-Fi built in so you can control your garage door from anywhere. That means if you think you forgot to close it at night or after you left for work, you can just click a button on your phone and have your worries assuaged. In addition, you can also receive alerts about garage door activity, share access with family members or other stopping in, and schedule the garage door opener lights on timers.

  5. Improved Safety Features
  6. Something else that newer garage door openers feature is enhanced safety features. Newer models not only offer more secure home protection, like an automatic deadbolt lock, but they also are required to have a safety reversing sensor. So, not only can a new garage door opener protect your home better, but it can also prevent injuries.

  7. Bright Lights
  8. Another benefit of purchasing a new garage door opener is that it can actually brighten up your garage. The newer garage door opener models have built-in LED lighting that will light up your entire garage. This is great for when you get in late at night or simply when you want better light to work with while you’re cleaning. Those who use their garage as a workshop will also love the increased light!

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Posted on June 5, 2019
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